Herchel Smith Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Biological Sciences 2020

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Herchel Smith Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Biological Sciences 2020: Department in the School of the Biological Sciences (SBS) at the University of Cambridge invites applications for four Herchel Smith Postdoctoral Research Fellowships to be held from 1 October 2020 or otherwise by negotiation.

The fields in which the Fellowships can be advertised fall mainly within the University’s Schools of the Biological Sciences and the Physical Sciences in view of Dr Smith’s stipulation that the awards should be in the fields of Pure Mathematics, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry or Molecular Biology and related fields in the Experimental Sciences.

Preference will be given to those working at the interface with the physical sciences (for example using computational, engineering, mathematical, synthetic biology or systems biology approaches) and who have or can develop appropriate links with colleagues in the physical sciences.

Duration: The Fellowships are tenable for up to three years.

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Salary: The Fellowship stipend will be on the University’s Postdoctoral Research Associate scale, currently between £32,816-£40,322per annum, with an annual research allowance of up to £15,000.

The candidature is limited to candidates who have obtained their PhD degree, or equivalent, within the last three years at any university but normally excluding Cambridge and Harvard. Fellowships can only be offered to those with less than three years of postdoctoral experience by the time the award is taken up.

Required documents:

1.Department support letter: Each candidate is required to submit a letter from an SBS Department / Research Group in Cambridge that outlines their willingness to host and support the candidate’s research during the Fellowship. Candidates are advised to contact the relevant Department and / or principal investigator(s) directly prior to submission.

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2.Research project summary: One page summary of your proposed project, including the name of the SBS Department / Research Group within which you hope to join.

3.Research project description: A detailed description (maximum of 4 pages) of the proposed project. You are advised to consult the relevant Department and / or other resources to ensure that your proposal is appropriately related to the group which you hope to join.

4.Curriculum vitae: Maximum of 3 pages outlining academic career, qualifications and a full list of publications to date; please include hyperlinks of 3 best publications (not full copies).

5.References: Contact details of 3 referees.

Closing date for applications: 31 December 2019. Successful candidates will be contacted by 20 March 2020

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